The New Santos De Cartier — A Sporty Twist Of Color For A Cartier Classic

Okay, so I’m still not 100% sold on the large Santos de Cartier quality replica watch. My love for vintage Cartier still has me lusting after the old Santos with its square bezel and smaller size — much like the one that our very own Daan owns that he wrote about here. But sometimes it’s all about expectations.

When you somehow set yourself up to expect a 47mm monster but instead you find a perfectly sporty 40mm watch with buckets of Cartier charm, it’s hard not to be pleasantly surprised. I do sincerely feel that this is a watch that works better in person than on paper.

The New Santos De Cartier

Cartier Replica Watches UK has featured a number of sportier models in its lineup for quite some time now. And though to most of us the brand is synonymous with small, elegant, classic dress watches, its ambitions certainly don’t end there. Watches like the Drive, the Calibre, and even the Pasha have offered sportier alternatives to all the dressier models.

The Cheap Cartier Replica has always been the bridge between these two pillars. It offers — depending on the size and materials — an undeniably sporty yet also quite dressy option.

Put it on leather, and you have a perfect dress watch. Keep it on the steel bracelet, and it won’t look out of place with a suit or with Bermudas and an Oxford shirt with its sleeves rolled up. Its appeal and versatility are undeniable.

The brand did so by adding a splash of blue PVD to the bezel and a matching rubber strap with the practical QuickSwitch system. And as odd as it may seem to wear a Cartier Replica Watch while sailing, golfing, swimming, or anything other than sipping martinis at a hotel bar, the new Santos is perfect for any of these.

On the wrist

At 39.8mm, the width of the case is a far more accurate indicator of how large the Cartier Replica feels. And though I’d personally go for the mid-size Santos, I still feel that this sportier take on the model really does suit this larger size. The final dimension, the height of the case, is just 9.37mm. This means that the watch is incredibly slim, especially for one powered by an automatic movement — Cartier’s 1847 MC.

Out of the two, the winner for me is the silver-dialed variant. It gives the watch a certain lightness, improves the legibility of the dial, and is more summer-appropriate. When it comes to the matter of strap or bracelet, I was very impressed by both. The Cartier Replica Watches China rubber strap is comfortable and integrates beautifully with the blue outline of the horizontally striped blue bezel. On the other hand, the steel bracelet provides a sleek and elegant look.

Thanks to the QuickSwitch system, you won’t struggle to swap from one to the other. The only challenge will be picking which one to wear for the day. The blue-dialed model is still a handsome watch, but when it comes to a dark-dialed Cartier Santos 1:1 replica watches uk, my choice would be the version with the black ADLC bezel.