Only Cartier Replica Watches This Weekend

Fans of fashion French brands are actually spoiled. They often have the opportunity to enjoy Replica watches Cartier‘s large-scale exhibitions held regularly around the world. The “Cartier replica and Islamic Art” held in Paris and later in Dallas was the latest. At present, Geneva and Paris have two great “must tours”, which can be well combined to spend an exciting weekend. One is the rare replica watch exhibition in Geneva. The other is the renovated Cartier flagship store located at No. 13, Paris Road, Paris, which has just reopened after being closed for about two years.

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This is exactly where Alfred Cartier replica watches UK and his son Louis decided to transfer their business in 1899 – usually Pikes 13 – this boutique, the Fifth Avenue store in New York and the New Bond Street boutique in London should be regarded as one of the three historic Cartier replica watches China mansions. Let me give you a brief description of the possibility of letting you spend the weekend.

Cartier 13 Paix replica watches

After several renovations over several decades, the Paris plant was closed again for nearly two years due to the need for major repair/redesign. Several architects and many artists contributed their talents and turned this place into a spectacular place. Please note that the classic facade of 13 Paix is located in Portoro (black marble), after all, it is the oldest Cartier replica boutique in existence.

In the past 25 years, I have often visited replica Cartier watches services at this address, sometimes for a short visit or simple suggestions. I know this building very well. Although in fact I had the fear of threshold for the first time, I already like this classic interior very much. Therefore, I am afraid of renovations, the past will be erased, and a new, meaningless modern interior will appear. I can’t imagine what will happen.

A warm Cartier replica welcome

The original salon of Louis Cartier and Jeanne Toussant was redesigned with amazing details such as carpet design, wall decoration and furniture. It is really important to be meticulous, which can be seen in all areas of this magnificent building. M é tiers d’Art, stone inlay, leather inlay and screen painting, to name just a few, are all realized by famous artists, providing incredible results.

The two-layer top floor designed by Bruno Moinard is now private and no longer open to the public. However, there are so many things worth seeing and discovering here that it is easy to ignore the limited edition cartier replica watch designed for 13 Rue de la Paix. When I say “limited edition”, I mean really; Only 13 pieces are made of tank asymmetry, clocks and Tonneau. In these three historical models, the “XII” number gives way to “13”, and the “I” mark gives way to the word “PAIX”.

Cartier replica watches collected these works in his private collection, and only a few of them sometimes appeared in the brand’s expositions around the world. These include the 1912 gold Saint Dumont, the oldest version in Cartier’s collection, the tank Cintr é e sold to Fred Astaire, and two sizes of Cleich! There is even an example of Tank à Guichets and three different models of Pebble, including a smaller one. In addition to these two classic versions – one in 1972 and the other in 1973 – the new version of Pebble in 2022 is also on display. There are many other works, including those of Cartier London, but I should not tell you everything.

Get out there this weekend

The city centers of Geneva and Paris are connected by a convenient high-speed train, which takes only three and a half hours from the center to the center. Of course, the flight speed is faster, but with the waiting time and travel to the airport, you will spend much more time on the road. Cartier replica watches China flagship store in Paris is also open on Sunday, so you can easily go to the pilgrimage on the coming weekend.