New Santos De Cartier Replica Watches 2022

Hidden in the “Other Releases” section of replica watches Cartier’s news website, the new Santos de Cartier replica watch is accompanied by Cartier replica watches new Indomptables and the new Ballon Bleu version. However, the new Santos is a cheap replica watch. I think it is too big and a little too flashy in my mind. The first 47.5mm measurement tells me everything I need to know. Or I think so… It drives me crazy to see the watch in person at the Cartier Touch and Feel Conference of the 2022 Watches and Miracles Conference. Is this the 47.5mm monster I read? Of course not. It is not half as big as I imagined, nor as gorgeous as I imagined. On the wrist, it looks like a charm. Maybe the second 39.8mm (width) measurement should let me know something. Anyway, this is a question worth discussing.

Well, so I still haven’t sold 100% of large Santos de Cartier replica watches. But I was surprised to write it down with so many prejudices in my mind. My love of the old Cartier still makes me have a strong desire for the square frame and the smaller size of the old Santos – as our own Dagen wrote here. But sometimes it’s all about expectations. When you set yourself to expect a 47mm monster to some extent, but you find a perfect sports 40mm watch with a lot of Cartier charm, it’s hard not to be surprised. I really think this is a better watch to use on people than on paper. Although not everyone likes this, I still think it is worth our careful study.

Santos De Cartier Replica Watches

The New Santos De Cartier replica watches

Cartier has launched many sports models in its lineup for a long time. Although for most of us, the brand is synonymous with small, elegant and classic clothing replica watches, its ambition certainly goes beyond that. Replica Watches like Drive, Calibre and even Pasha offer more sporty alternatives to all more sophisticated models. Santos de Cartier has always been the bridge between these two pillars. It offers – depending on size and material – undeniable movement, but also quite sophisticated options. Put it on leather, and you will have a perfect dress watch. Wear it on a steel bracelet, a suit or Bermuda and an oxford shirt with rolled up sleeves, and it won’t look inappropriate. Its attraction and versatility are undeniable.

Therefore, we can see that replica Cartier’s designers have made further progress towards sports in this latest version. Can you blame them? Even A Lange&S ö hne also provides a more sporty choice for its collector, Ti Odysseus. The steel case and bracelet of Santos watch, 100 meters waterproof, and the sweet spot size of larger models are the perfect watches prepared by Cartier replica watches in summer. As you can see, the brand achieves this by adding a little blue PVD on the border and a rubber belt that matches the actual QuickSwitch system. It seems strange to wear Cartier in any activity other than sailing, playing golf, swimming or drinking martinis in the hotel bar, but the new replica Santos is the perfect choice for these activities.

Santos De Cartier Replica Watches

Buy Santos De Cartier replica watches

In these two products, my winner is the silver dial variant. It makes the replica watch have a certain brightness, improves the readability of the dial, and is more suitable for use in summer. When it comes to watchbands or bracelets, I’m impressed with both. The rubber strap is comfortable and blends perfectly with the blue outline of the horizontal stripe blue border. On the other hand, steel bracelets provide a sleek and elegant appearance. Thanks to the QuickSwitch system, you can easily switch from one to another. The only challenge is to choose which one fits today.

The distance between the relatively long 47.5mm lug and the lug is not as obvious as you think. The way the bracelet (or strap) flows out of the bezel really helps reduce the perceived size of the watch. The width of the watch case is 39.8mm, which is a more accurate indicator to show how big the watch feels. Although I personally like the medium-sized Santos, I still think this sports Santos is really suitable for this larger size.

Santos De Cartier Replica Watches

What do you think of the new Santos de Cartier replica watches? Is it too much in sports? Or is it a perfect Cartier replica rock all summer? Please tell me what you think in the comments below.