Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Replica Hand-Wind

Originally launched in last year in two sizes – both with quartz movements only – the Luxury Santos-Dumont Replica is now available with a hand-wind, mechanical movement in a larger, but not too large, case. The elegant design that channels the spirit of the vintage original remains, with only the dimensions and movement changed.

Though it was minimalist and did away with the signature bezel secured by screws, the 2005 model nonetheless looked like a Cartier Santos Replica because of its case shape and dial.

Large enough to be practical as an everyday FakeWatch, even with casual wear, the case has large-but-flat proportions that give it an elegant profile on the wrist.

Even though it is largish by dress replica watch standards, the simple dial and clean lines of the case mean it can perform the job of a formal-dress watch perfectly.